Solutions in Sight: Where We Are Now & Where We're Headed It was a night of solutions, of partnerships, and even a surprise visit. Thank you for attending the MAB Community Services Annual Meeting. If you weren't able to attend here are a few highlights. In just 18 short months since the Massachusetts Association...
VIBRANT: Assistive Technology Program VIBRANT: Assistive Technology Program Meet the VIBRANT Program: Visually Impaired and Blind Recipients Accessing New Technology. Feeling left behind by technology? VIBRANT can help.

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  • The first of three monthly meetings of the Vision Loss Support and Information Group will start at 12:30 p.m. on on Monday, May 7, at the Ionia County Commission on Aging with a special box lunch. The other Monday meetings, also sponsored by the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, are ...

  • “I saw first-hand how a Guide Dog transformed the lives of people with vision impairment and decided that when I ceased full time working and had the time, I would make a contribution towards this life changing service,” he said. “A guide dog can transform the life of vision impaired person. With a Guide ...

  • Additionally Bruno added, “By serving as honorees, Darcy and Bob each bring considerable support to Helen Keller Services and its mission to enable individuals who are blind, visually-impaired, deaf-blind or have combined hearing-vision loss to live, work and thrive in the communities of their choice.”.

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