Solutions in Sight: Where We Are Now & Where We're Headed It was a night of solutions, of partnerships, and even a surprise visit. Thank you for attending the MAB Community Services Annual Meeting. If you weren't able to attend here are a few highlights. In just 18 short months since the Massachusetts Association...
VIBRANT: Assistive Technology Program VIBRANT: Assistive Technology Program Meet the VIBRANT Program: Visually Impaired and Blind Recipients Accessing New Technology. Feeling left behind by technology? VIBRANT can help.

Low Vision Product Review


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  • As the film points out, it's not easy to become a guide dog — most canine candidates don't make the cut, usually because they don't have the temperament or discipline to handle the responsibility of helping a visually impaired person traverse the dangerous obstacles posed by streets, airports, subway ...

  • None of those school districts, she says, have enough visually impaired students to justify a full-time teacher within their districts. She teaches students from very young ages all the way to age 22, including providing vocational training to help her students secure employment. Prause told the Columbus ...

  • Presently, the instructions and seat numbers in coaches are written on flat vinyl stickers or metallic plates, which cannot be read by the visually impaired. Two years ago, in January 2016, Varanasi-Mysuru Express (a bi-weekly train) became the first braille embedded train the country. The initiative was ...

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