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Vision Rehabilitation

From reading to taking medications to moving safely in the home, there are numerous activities that are made more difficult with low vision. Our vision rehabilitation specialists provide functional vision assessments and in-home training in every community in Massachusetts. Here’s how we can help:

  • Conduct a home safety assessment
  • Evaluate lighting and eliminate glare
  • Teach adaptive reading, writing and record-keeping techniques
  • Reduce clutter and modify appliances with tape and markings
  • Provide information about vision loss and community resources
  • Help with healthcare routines and medication management
  • Teach adaptive strategies for independence in the kitchen
  • Offer strategies for adaptive diabetes management
  • Recommend adaptive aids and magnification devices
  • Provide training in the use of prescribed or purchased adaptive aids
  • Provide training in the use of accessibility features and “apps” for the blind and visually impaired for Apple products such as iPads or iPhones

The aim of our service is to enable individuals with low vision and who are legally blind to live as independently and confidently as possible. We teach strategies that enable consumers to make the best of their remaining vision and to start to rely on their other senses to compensate for their vision loss. If necessary, consumers may be recommended and trained on assistive technology as one way to do this.

Please contact us and we will help you determine your eligibility for services. We accept most insurances, including Medicare, MassHealth and many private insurances. Our staff speak English and Spanish and interpreters can be arranged if necessary.

Call our Toll free number at (888) 613-2777 or submit an online Service Referral Form


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