Assistive Technology

Meet the VIBRANT Program: Visually Impaired and Blind Recipients Accessing New Technology.

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Feeling left behind by technology? VIBRANT can help.

Technology connects, empowers, and provides a path to freedom: From being able to hail a ride using Uber, to apps to keep you organized and pay bills on time, to software that narrates navigation while you’re walking, and even being able to tell the color of a piece of clothing or denomination of money without human assistance – technology can be a game-changer. VIBRANT will help you find the tools that allow you to do what you want to do when you want to do it and live on your terms. We are committed to helping people with vision loss find new ways to access technology that helps you meet your goals – customized for your life.

VIBRANT can teach you to use assistive technology to:

  • Access, enlarge and read print information, hard-copy or digital
  • Better manage your time via note-taking, organization, paying bills, and banking
  • Navigate your world via transportation information and apps
  • Participate in leisure and recreational activities
  • Accomplish daily tasks, such as shopping, reading, social media, email, travel planning, handling money, and obtaining information about a visual task

VIBRANT is brought to you with assistance from our community partners including: the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging,Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Highland Street Foundation, Boston Foundation, and with assistance from Memorial Foundation for the Blind in Worcester County.

Contact us for an assistive technology assessment and to ask us about how we can help you. To find a program near you, or to become a volunteer trainer for this program, please contact 617-879-0771 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 799 West Boylston Street | Worcester, MA 0154 877-613-2777 | 508-854-0733 fax