Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

The goal of the Volunteers for Vision Program is to provide blind individuals with confidential, reliable, one-on-one assistance so that they do not have to rely on family, friends or neighbors to complete tasks that require vision. Many blind individuals do not have a regular source of assistance, and need to conduct many of the same business transactions that sighted individuals do — reading mail, filling out forms, paying bills, balancing checkbooks, shopping for clothes and groceries, sending out holiday or birthday cards, writing letters, and more. Our volunteer program offers a reliable source of assistance that helps visually impaired people live with dignity and a sense of independence.

Our Volunteers range from teens to retirees, and live across the state of Massachusetts. Meet a few of our volunteers:

Volunteer It's very satisfying to know we can accomplish something useful in just an hour or two. Adele is lovely -- very smart and funny and great company. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with her.

Volunteer I've learned so much volunteering for her - it means a lot that I can help her out.

Volunteer Volunteering has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life.

Volunteer The relationship is great! I've volunteered for him for years and he has become a very close friend.


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