MAB Community Services has been creating opportunities for people with disabilities since 1903. Helen Keller served on our first advisory board, along with other notable Bostonians who developed some of the first community services for blind individuals. Today we specialize in individualized rehabilitation and family-focused strategies that help individuals with a range of disabilities live full lives in the community. Our divisions are:

The Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MABVI) provides vision rehabilitation and support services to more than 1,400 adults and elders each year. Programs include low vision centers, peer support groups, 1:1 volunteer assistance, in-home rehabilitation training, and assistive technology training.

MAB Adult Disability Services provides orientation and mobility training, residential supports, and vocational/day habilitation programming for individuals with developmental disabilities or brain injuries in Greater Boston. The department operates more than 25 group homes and serves 300 people each year.

The Ivy Street School is a residential and day school serving adolescents and young adults (ages 13-22) with brain injuries, autism spectrum disorder, or behavioral health challenges. Our Transition Program helps students who have met their graduation requirements but need additional help with life skills and executive functioning. Ivy Street helps students learn the skills they need to transition to successful adult life in the community.

Our Mission

MAB Community Services (MAB) is committed to creating opportunities and transforming the lives of individuals with a range of disabilities. Our goal is focused on providing the support necessary so everyone can live a full and satisfying life. Since 1903 MAB has provided the training and supports necessary for individuals, regardless of their disabilities, to be active participants in their communities and in their own lives.  We approach this work with a commitment to create and sustain a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible environment for all staff and participants.

Recognizing MAB All-Star Residential Coordinators

Residential coordinators for MAB Adult Disability Services determine the quality of the relationships we have with our most important stakeholders. Working with family members and guardians, medical providers, day program providers, and neighbors has its challenges. Doing it during a pandemic is an added challenge. Their work every day determines the quality of service we provide at MAB. We recently took time out to virtually honor our all-star residential coordinators who exceeded expectations as our public ambassadors. A well-deserved congratulations and THANK YOU to all! You can check out their video honors here:  Nashua RosaMichelle LegetteAaliyah AndersonLillian FashakinDickson ObazeeDarline BertrandYonel Augustin, and  John Quintero.