A message to our staff from CEO, Barbara Salisbury

To All MAB Staff,

The Coronavirus is presenting MAB with enormous challenges that we couldn’t have imagined a short time ago.  But over the course of the last week you have all pulled together to put plans in place to care for the people we serve and reduce the risk of this virus spreading.  I am so proud of how all of you have rallied, your first concern being the people we serve.  I know these are unprecedented times and are scary for most of us.   And yet, so many of you have stepped up and asked what you can do to help, beyond what we would require of you.  These are the values that drew you to this kind of work in the first place.  Together we will get through this.  I am very proud to have such a great team.  Thank you for the work you do.

All the best,


Barbara Salisbury

Chief Executive Officer

MAB Community Services

Adult Disability Services

Ivy Street School

Massachusetts Association for the Blind and

Visually Impaired