Maxo Joseph Excellence in Direct Care Awards

The Maxo Joseph Excellence in Direct Care Award recognizes the daily vital work that direct care staff does to protect MAB participants’ health and safety and support their efforts to have full and satisfying lives. Our community united to fund a program to honor our best direct care staff each year.

Image of Maxo Joseph Text: The Maxo Joseph Excellence in Direct Care Awards, Thursday, July 13, 2023The program is named in honor of Maxo Joseph, a MAB direct care staff for over 19 years, who died of COVID-19.  Read more about Maxo here.

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Maxo exemplified all the qualities we value most in direct care staff:

  • He was dedicated to ensuring that participants lived their best lives and went above and beyond to support the activities they loved.
  • He gave his all and was a supportive team player, helping make his group home a great workplace.
  • He was committed to ensuring that his work reflected the highest quality standards.
To honor Maxo Joseph and the values he stood for, MAB  honors the best of our direct care staff with an annual event.  The annual awards total $50,000, with individual awards ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. Each year’s honorees will be selected by a committee representing staff, family members, and community supporters.

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