To Our Direct Care Staff: Thank You!

To Our Direct Care Staff: Thanks you! We couldn't do it without you. Image in background of some smiling ads residents

Where would we be without our direct care staff?

They are the ones whose work allows individuals with intellectual disabilities and brain injuries to live full and satisfying lives in the community. Whether it’s staff in our group homes, day programs, voc, or individual supports, they are the ones who are there for our participants each day. They are the ones who our participants rely on. Direct care staff understand when something’s wrong and can provide comfort. They understand how frustrating it is for people not to be able to do things like they did years ago.

Direct care staff are the ones who make the group home a family, the day program a place where participants belong; they make living independently possible. Direct care staff laugh at our jokes and remember the songs everyone likes so we can play them on the radio while driving home. They talk with participants about the day’s news and make sure participants eat lunch with a friend. Direct care staff are the ones who set up the barbecue so everyone can have burgers on the patio on the weekend, and JC can invite his sister because he misses her. Direct care staff are the ones who make sure everyone gets to church on Sundays and that Eva has the right dress to wear at the Dimock dance.

Direct care staff are the ones who make everyone feel safe. They help participants solve problems that would otherwise make everything fall apart. Staff take participants to the doctor and make sure we do everything the doctor tells us to do. They are the ones who wait for hours with them in the ER. They are there when someone wakes up in the middle of the night with a sore throat. Staff are the ones who can hold someone’s hand and make them feel safe enough to dip their toes in the cold water at Castle Island Beach.

Direct care staff are also the ones who teach everyone how to do things more independently. Staff teach everyone new ways of doing things so they can feel proud of taking care of themselves. They support participants so they can do really fun things. They provide the support so everyone can become the best of who they are.

MAB’s direct care staff do so much to care, counsel, and promote the well being of all our participants. Where would we be without our direct care staff?

Thank you.

Barbara Salisbury

CEO, MAB Community Services