MAB created its first residential programs in the early 1970s to meet the specialized needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and blindness who were leaving state institutions for more appropriate community-based living. Today blindness is not a prerequisite for services, and we have expanded our expertise to include brain injury and the health needs of the elderly.

MAB Adult Disability Services provides residential supports, community-based day programming, community living supports, transitional assistance, occupational therapy, and vocational services for individuals with developmental disabilities, brain injury, and other disabilities in Greater Boston, Southeast Boston, and Central Massachusetts. The department operates over 29 community residential homes and a community-based day activity center. It supports more than 300 people to live as independently as possible in their communities each year.

Our 4 and 5-bedroom community residences are handicap accessible and managed by trained and caring staff who work with the people we serve and their families to support their vocational and recreational goals and create an environment for ongoing learning and exploration.

MAB staff also provide individual supports for individuals living independently in the community. Case managers assist individuals with health care management, personal safety, landlord/tenant relations, and money management. Supports are designed to ensure individuals maintain their independence.