Logo for MAB Training & Rehabilitation CenterThe MAB Training and Rehabilitation Center (TRC) serves Mass Health-eligible participants from the Commonwealth’s Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Moving Forward Plan (MFP) Waivers. Participants of the TRC participate in a menu of services that can take place on-site, in the community, or a combination of both. Each participant’s program is individually tailored to meet their needs and can be provided on an individual basis or in a small group setting.

How Does it Work?

The Training and Rehabilitation Center in Westborough will support participants eligible for the ABI and MFP waiversA MAB occupational therapist assisting a participant with a stationary bike to obtain community-based services. This unique program offers individual services providing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Mental Health services, employment services, social recreation activities, and educational trainings. The TRC will offer 3-hour time blocks where the participants will have the opportunity to attend services of their choice and run as a 12-week cycle. The 12-week cycle will be developed based on the participant’s interests and needs.

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Here is a sample of classes and services listed below

  • Assistive Technology
    • Learning various devices such as Alexa, iPads, laptops, iPhones & firesticksA group of participants partaking in an art workshop
  • Cooking
    • Nutritional education, grocery shopping, meal preparation, kitchen safety
  • Home Management Skills
    • Bed making, Laundry, Washing/drying dishes, Cleaning, Fire Safety
  • Community Outings
    • YMCA, recreational centers, fitness classes, musical concerts, restaurants, coffee shops, field trips
  • Recreational Activities
    • Musical Bingo, Boardgames, Bingo, Wii Sports Games, Card Games,
  • Employment Services
    • Prevocational skills, interview skills, resume writing, onsite job training, job coaching

For additional information, please contact us at wtrc@mabcommunity.org