MabVoc supports participants on the ABI waivers through supported employment, pre-vocational & peer supports. Participants engage in a variety of learning experiences in preparation for paid or unpaid employment in an integrated community setting. Activities can include job searching and job coaching once placed in an employment opportunity. This program is strictly based on the participants’ home community to foster local connections.

What We Do:

Since MabVoc is a vocational program for adults with brain injuries, our team works together to assist and support participants in finding gainful and meaningful employment or volunteer opportunities.

MabVoc also supports participants in their goals to learn prevocational skills such as budgeting, communication, and computer skills to help enhance their potential and success in the workforce.

Participants must be on the MFP or ABI waiver in order to be eligible for MabVoc services.

Contact Us

Referrals are made by an individual’s Department of Developmental Services or Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission service coordinator.

Hours of operation: 8:30 am – 2:30 pm
Location: 24 Denby Road, Allston, MA